Chick w/ Splay Leg Healed by Fish Oil

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    I used to be a regular forum go-er, not here, but while raising rabbits, elsewhere. It was a time ago that the forum was closed. Before I continue upon my thread title, I want to give a little retrospect on my revelation and why I feel deeply compelled to share my experience.

    For over a year, I have been primarily homesteading on the Sonoma Coast in California. My partner and I raise hogs, chickens, ducks and rabbits primarily on food waste, and sheep on pasture. I help part time at a friend's cow dairy. In the past, I've had long steady jobs at a high-volume dog kennel and hobby farm as well as previously 5 years working at a veterinary clinic.

    Medicine is what I would pursue my future, although, I garden and tend to lean to good food for nutrition and healing. Before my last years at the vet clinic, the veterinarian was exploring holistic treatments with animals with great success. This spiked curiosity, where I tried my own experiments with organic food treatments and was deeply enlightened, with my own and my pets suffering disease.

    I tried doing some searches upon my experience with the experience with my chick and wanted to share for reference.

    Approx. 4 weeks ago, I witnessed a new, young necked neck x fuyumi rooster, stomp a 3 week old chick, who is a silkie x heritage black cornish (mixed). Unfortunately, the chick could barely walk, and exhibited partial paralysis with poor-no reflex to standing flat on it's feet and trying to walk on it's knuckles but mostly moving by rolling and flailing it's feathers.

    This was a special clutch and I needed to wait out if it would get better. Several times a day, I would call him and hear where he was for him to run into my hands to be transported to the feeding spot. He is so sweet, full of vigor and always are and drank well. I couldn't pin what was wrong, but I was always wondering "is his pelvis bruised?", "are his hips dislocated?" Nothing appears broken. Some days were improved. While others he was unable to get out of bed and I would have to retrieve him, always eating, always eager for a new day.

    I thought I should have put him down many times. After I culled/processed the necked neck roo that caused the problem, his mate, and the silkie roo, continued to persist. I was spurred many times by the Silkie roo ONLY when I was HELPING the decrepit baby, his son, which already has a poof. He is our only silkie.

    Over a week ago, after I seen the too trying to stomp him, I brought him into the dog crate, and while I have been reading upon my own health endeavors, tooth decay and bone loss, how incredibly beneficial fermented cod liver oil is. It's not entirely always needing to be fermented, nor exactly cod liver, but it does need to be high omega 3 fatty acids and containing natural vitamin d and high concentrates of a. Typically with traditional supplements vitamin d is added as a manufactured chemical vitamin. Whatever. I had a huge bottle of Kirkland Fish Oil 1000mg from my parents that they didn't need and I give to my dogs when they need it. I decided in a pinch before an appointment to give him whatever is in our house, milled flax seed and fish oil. I returned him outside to his safe spot under an old truck shell. Believe it or not, the next morning, he was with his clutch, walking, for the first time in almost three weeks! I could barely believe it. I could barely piece it together. Unfortunately, the roo hurt him and he seemed worse than ever before.

    I have been treating him since, with one capsule of fish oil to one beer cap of flax seed, and he is completely walking. I've never seen anything like it. It appeared to be splay legs. I was unsure, as well, if maybe his hips were out of socket. He is back with his clutch for about 4 days now, running when feeding, holding his own, a whole new chick with a new life. I've been caring for him for a month now.

    Because it is a young animals I was hopeful. I could admire his will to survive. I wanted to share this story for others in case that maybe, it could help their chicks or animals in a problem such as this. People from all over the world have experienced cod liver oil curing and healing disease and tooth/bone/cavity decay, and I decided it was worth a try and it ended up being miraculous.

    Would love to hear any body else's stories. Hope this may help someone someday in a time of trouble. Thanks for letting me share :)

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