Chick want eat.

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    Sad story, but things happen. Had a plymouth white rock that hatched out 12 eggs or so suppose to hatch out 12 eggs. I notice some time back egg shells out from under her. Only the shell remained which mades me believe that she was eating the eggs. Really didnt know what to do so i took the egg shell out. Notice the same thing a day or two later. Point is i am thinking she is eating the eggs rather than getting off the nest and eating.
    When hatch day came, July 9th, first thing i notice was a chick out of its shell and its entire face had been pecked to death, i removed the dead chick. I checked back later and another chick had hatched and as the chick would try to get under her she would peck it also. It died also.
    At that point i decided to take what eggs were left from under her. There were only six eggs left. Out of the six eggs two were pecking their way out of the shell. I was able to save one but the other never finished getting out of shell. I tried to help but that didnt work.
    I now have one check out of the 12 eggs. I took her into the house kept her warm and have done every thing that i know how to do.
    The problems is she want eat. she seems to be getting weaker every day. she knows my voice and when i put my hand in the box she climbs on my hard and wants to hold her all the time. I have spent a long of time trying to get her to drink and eat but she just want do much, if any, of either.
    I fear she is dying and i cant stand that. So what should i do???
    Anyone that can help me or give advice i would appreciate it.
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    she might be too weak to eat, try giving her some sugar water or electrolytes to bring her energy levels up. I hope she gets better soon!!
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