Chick weight chart for Silkie, Wyandotte SL and GL

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    Oct 2, 2014
    Ok so my broody SL Wyandotte won and i got her three chicks, day old which she took to instantly. Being new to this and a tad obsessed i researched for weights, pics of them aging, etc. Finding weight info was hard so i thought i would post my chart to help anyone in the future. As they are only 4 1/2 weeks old, i will update as they age.
    The reason i started weighing in the first place is the silver laced wyandotte was so tiny and having problems gaining weight, i suspected sight problems as it pecks in the air and hit and miss with the food bowl until i put a tray in. I believe the poor thing is blind but manages to find food and water and is very close to the other 2. On about day 10-11 i started feeding her (i hope) mash with chick starter mixed with molasses and apple cider vinegar, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, vitamins and probiotics, this helped her put weight on and now she gorges herself everyday. As you can see from the weights below she is well under the gold laced and i wonder if its a rooster by the behaviour!

    Wyandotte GL: Maddie Wyandotte. SL: Maya Silkie: Matilda

    56 grams 30 grams 31 grams

    93 57 75

    150 101 112

    250 155 158

    380 250 230

    500 300 295






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