Chick went through a Bank drive thru tube.


9 Years
Nov 6, 2010
Northern Indiana
Last week a friend that works at a Humane society called and asked if I would take a little chick. Apparently someone thought it would be a funny prank to send a little chick through a drive through tube at the bank and drive off.
So now I have a little chick. So I HAD to get a few from the feed store to keep it company. This will be a chick story to remember.

THe chick was fine. I did not take it out of the tube. The humane society worker did. They brought it out to me that night. I had nothing to do with it going through the tube. I am just providing it a home. I sure hope it is a pullet. I already have roosters.
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Why oh why do some people have to torture animals?

Thank god it made its way to you so it can experience what it's like being actually cared for. Hope the little one makes it.

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