chick with a blue leg


6 Years
Dec 23, 2013

Im not sure was going on with my frizzle one leg is normal and the other leg blue he can walk but limps im not sure what happened. can any body help:/
Welcome to BYC. How old is the chick? Blue coloring may be bruising, and possibly broken. Keep it confined to a small space inside your brooder to rest the leg, and put some chick vitamins in the water. If it look s broken you can try to splint it with vet wrap, and padding.
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And he is around 5week i took him outside to free run in a secured little run and when i brought him in he started limping im not sure if i hurt him or if he did it to him self. He is eating and drinking normally but now he mostly in one spot but when he walks he limps so im not sure do you think my chick will die?:(

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