Chick with a crooked neck?


12 Years
Mar 1, 2007
I have a dominique chick from MMH, she was one that survived after being sick too. I just noticed that she keeps her head tucked in all the time even when I pick her up, I'm not sure if she can move, and I didn't want to just in case. She did drink when I dipped her beak and ate a little honey. But this is a new symptom that i've noticed. None of the other chicks have it. It's been like this for a few days. Any ideas on what this can be? I've lost 34 already...I really don't want to loose anymore.
was this chick vaccinated for mareks? if it can not drink sufficiently you will need to help it (including feeding)
Yes, they were all vaccinated for mareks. I ate some chick starter out of my hand today and drank water. I put some food on the ground and it tried to eat, but it does best with the hand feeding. But his/her neck is still bent forward, almost under her chest, like they are in the egg.
does it look like this?:


Can you post a pic of it?
When startled does it tuck its head under more and back upin circle or into a corner? If so then it is probally crookneck. Mine had crookneck as a result of vitamin deficiency. I had to stop feeding medicated chick food and give it alot of vitamin suppliments. I have heard and read that it can also be a result of head trauma like a hard peck on the top of the head or a fall.
I cured mine by giving it 400u liquid vitaminE and 1cc of adult high dose vitaminB complex twice a day along with vitamin/electrolyte suppliments in its water. Had to keep it up for almost a month till it was cured and didn't return. If you suspect a head injury prednisone might be in order.
You can search my name and look for 4 or 5 post in the beginning of this year about crookneck. You can also go to unicorns homepage and there is the info about crookneck treatment, that how I cured mine.
Good luck with you sick one.

vit E/selenium combination is very helpful (even when it does not "cure">in the case of a specific E or selenium deficiency by ensuring no lasting neurological damage. Please get the combination (human gel tabs) and ensure the amount of selenium does NOT exceed 50 MICROgrams)
Vit E and selenium are interdependent on each other and in order for the bird to be able to absorb the therapeutic amount of vit E it will need the selenium... again...please ensure the amount of selenium in the tabs does NOT exceed 50 micrograms.... for a small chick under six weeks of age with milder symptoms you can give half the amount.
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Unfortuantly I found him/her dead this morning. Her head was more crooked under her body not sticking up like in the picture. Thanks everyone for the information!
Sorry about your baby chick. We had one last summer that did that after it hatched out. It was raised by it's mother but only lived about 4 days. I guess these things just happen sometimes :aww
id love to cure mine of crook neck to, but i doubt it is crookneck, its just had this happen over night, and as much as i love my chicken, these vitamins sound pricey, and the best choice for me, would be, well, to put it out its suffereing....

bummer eh?
ive had to feed my little chick all day, and get it to drink,
its quite a lost cause seeing as in a couple of minutes shell just throw it back up, and making a cast to hold her neck in place isnt working either.....

any advice?
cus shes going tomoorow other wise, it just seems a bit unfair....
its a shame, she was one of my favorite chickens....

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