Chick with an injured / deformed leg - What can I do?

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  1. elevan

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    This is Precious. The best picture I can get of her problem.
    She just arrived from the hatchery today and her leg sticks out the side. I can't keep her with the other chicks because they won't let her move without trying to eat her leg.
    So we've put her in her own pen.
    She is eating, drinking just fine. She moves around by doing a sort of butt hop using her good leg to help propel herself forward.
    She is able to move the toes on the bad leg but isn't able to hold the leg properly.

    What can / should I do to fix her leg?

  2. Memphisjourney2seramas

    Memphisjourney2seramas Songster

    May 19, 2011
    It might be a pulled tendon. I hope someone can help you.
  3. elevan

    elevan Songster Premium Member

    Oh, and it seems to be locked into that position. She doesn't move it.
  4. tinydancer87

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    Apr 5, 2011
    SE Georgia
    I hatched out an EE with a similar was like something was wrong with the hip joint, where the leg joins the body was crooked and seemed really stiff. The chick could not hold its leg close to its body (in a normal position). It passed away at 2 days old, I had already tried band-aids but to no avail.

  5. elevan

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    Quote:Thank you for the website. It has a lot of good stuff.

    Quote:I'm sorry about your chick. I have not tried a bandaid, as it is obvious to me that the foot would then be in the wrong position and the leg would be pulled unnaturally against the body if I did so [​IMG]


    Precious is doing quite well today despite the leg issue. DH and I have decided that if she makes it we'll build her a small coop and run, find her a docile companion and allow her to live the life of a spoiled chicken [​IMG]

    I've called the vet and the one that I need to speak to is out until tomorrow...she'll call me back and we'll see what she says.

    Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

    This is my DH with his already spoiled Precious:
  6. elevan

    elevan Songster Premium Member

    She has been moving around very well today despite that leg. Though she does hold both wings out for balance.
    This little gal has some spunk [​IMG] Hopefully the vet will have a suggestion that can help the leg tomorrow.
  7. elevan

    elevan Songster Premium Member

    She just passed away [​IMG]
  8. justacouplemorechicks

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    May 21, 2011
    awww.... so sorry! Probably for the best. Maybe more wrong then just leg.[​IMG]

  9. Memphisjourney2seramas

    Memphisjourney2seramas Songster

    May 19, 2011
    i am so sorry. That is so hard especially when you get so attached from nursing them all the time

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