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    My chicks are about 9 days old. There is one that never walked on his right leg very well. The middle toe was curled when he hatched. After doing research and talking to a few people I assumed it was a splayed leg. I've been doing the band-aid splint for about 4 days. But the leg and foot seems to have become worse. The whole leg is turned out to the side and the toes are bent in an odd way. The right foot is also quite a bit smaller than the left, but I assume that's because he hasn't been bearing weight on it. Is there such a thing as clubfoot in chickens? When I take the band-aid off, he is walking much worse than he did before I put the band-aid on. The leg is way off to the side, like he doesn't want to put any weight on it at all. He gets around in the small tank I put him in with 2 other chicks , so I can keep a better eye on him.
    He is mostly lying down though. Should I consider culling him? These were hatched to be pet backyard chickens and I would feel so bad to do that.
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    Quote:Site update: If it’s of any help to anyone in the future, the Poultry Podiatry website on chicken orthopedics & leg problems has moved to the new location linked in my sig line below.

    Very glad the site is being of help!

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