chick with bad pasty butt

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    Okay a week ago one of my little chicks got into the bigger ones inside the older ones are a month old. and they tore his bottom up and yeah anyway its healing well but the problem is the little chick which is like a few days old gets really bad pasty butt now because of what has happened
    I clean it with warm water and everything. And as I was some of its little feathers came off that just grew back.. Is this going to happen all the time now because of what has happened to it getting its little feathers pecked so badly it was bleeding?? I hope not.. Poor little thing has been thru so much [​IMG]
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    Quote:In time I dont believe this will happen with your chick. It'll eventually be shedding/molting more fuzz/fluff as it grows anyway til it's 'permanent' fluff/feathers grow in. I'd continue gently cleaning the pasty butt as your doing now. A little dab of neosporin where it was bleeding will help prevent infection.

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