chick with broken leg?

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    I got some silver laced brahmas and tolbunt polish almost 4 weeks ago. I was feeding all the chicks and after I fed these chicks I moved on to the next brooder when I heard a distressed chirp. I went back and saw a tolbunt lying on its side unable to stand. I think one of the brahmas stepped on it. They are almost the same size but the brahmas are much heavier which I just realized [​IMG] . I pulled this chick and put with the 1 week old oegb. I am considering making a sling of sorts to see if it will help. It can't stand. I will try to get a picture tomorrow. Has anyone had success rehabbing an injury like this? I don't see any swelling and no clear break... any help is greatly appreciated..
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    The link in my signature has a lot of info on treating leg injuries. The site was created by another BYC member. [​IMG] Good luck.
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    I had one chick hatch with a twisted knee joint. I tried splinting , but it did not work. In fact it made it worst, Chick is going on 6 weeks. It hops around on 1 leg. Gets right in there with the others to get it's share of food. My dog does pay it a bit more attention then I like but it's hatch mates dont pick on it at all. Even the older chicks and hens treat it like everybody else. I have to say I feel sorry for it having to struggle but the chick doesn't seem to know it's handicapped at all. Named her Cinderella. At least I hope it's a girl. Good luck with your little one.

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