Chick with bulging crop and rear end..

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    Apr 15, 2017
    I have a week-old RIR chick who doesn't look right. Compared to the other chicks, her crop appears very round and large, though feels as solid as the others on palpation. Her rear end also appears to be distended - she looks more the shape of a duckling! Her behavior is the same as the other chicks, she's eating, drinking, pooping, jumping around, talking, and has a bit of a waddle. She appears alert. No one is picking on her. The only other difference is her breathing, which is much faster than the others, which I assume is a result of lugging some extra weight around.

    There was wood shavings as bedding, but I noticed some might have been eating it so I got rid of it. Can't remember if this was one of them. Right now the lining is a bath towel folded a couple times with a mix of dried grass and shredded paper over top, which they have no interest in, and it's all I have right now anyway.

    A couple photos with her siblings (I say 'her', but 'she' is part of a straight run, so...)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Is this a chick with a problem or one who likes to eat who might have some leg issues in the near future? I did witness her poop just a little while ago, and her vent area is clean.. I'd hate to wake up to a dead chick tomorrow. :(


    Thank you for any help!

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