Chick with closed eye ...Tylan 50 & Terramycin?

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    I have a showgirl chick who is approximately 16 wks old. The mom has already had more chicks and they all hang together...its very sweet how this one mothers the little babies and how they all huddle together. around a week ago she started closing one eye. I looked at it and it seemed to have a little cut on the edge. So I put terramycin on it daily and thought it would get better. My searches seem to indicate that its probably an injury (another mom hen was seen pecking this one) and there is no nasal discharge or breathing issues, thank god...(thats probably next with my luck!)
    So after a week or so on daily terramycin the eye seems to be getting worse. Its not a little crusty and looks just worse in general. She is acting lethargic today so I brought her in to put her in a hospital tank. There is a huge ice storm so Im getting a little paranoid as a couple of hens are all puffed up and sitting around...Im worried that something is wrong in general...and I seem to be missing a chick that one of the mom's is mothering in the barn (I have some pullets in the basement in a brooder)
    -Seems like a bunch of things go wrong at once around here.....and since I just lost a young hen to paralyed legs Im paranoid....I think that was nutritional but since she wasnt getting better I had to put her down. It wasnt the virus where the head flips was just a sudden lameness leading to complete paralysis of legs and partial paralysis of the rest of her...but she kept eating.
    I now have a young roo who is holding his leg out front of him. But that seems to be an injury.

    I am going to try tylan 50, just a tiny amount like 1/4 cc per day for 7 days. Since someone moved my terramycin I may have to lay off that for a few days while I order some more.
    I do have an alternative eye antiobiotic in my medical box.

    any suggestions are appreciated.
    I keep the coop very clean, but I have been noticing alot of what seems to be called intestinal shed in some of the poo. My vet will look at it for me but I have to get a clean sample and get it to him. The weather has been so bad that its not condusive to that right now.
    I have corrid and perhaps should treat the entire flock for cocci...Its been very wet here and the flock free ranges...I have ducks who put their beaks everywhere and am considering switching to water nipples all around.
    This fall I had a problem with round worms and went through extensive worming over weeks with wazine and then in 2 weeks ivermec and then a few weeks later wormazole.
    I had lost a couple of fancy young birds and they actually shed alot of round worms...this after using all the natural remedies regularly.

    For the most part everyone has been healthy, but I have had some problems this year...and now am very concerned with this young showgirl...

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    One bird with any eye problem wouldn't worry me at all. You can try the Tylan if you want. It shouldn't hurt anything.

    As for treating for Cocci I'd hold back on that unless you have a reason to. Cocci thrives in a warmer, wetter environment.

    The birds puffing out is normal too. We've had such a mild winter so far and poof, all of a sudden it's in the 30's and snowing. Your girls need to adjust. I just put another layer of pine in my chicken area in my barn but they still sleep happily on their roosts.
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    A nice home remedy for eyes is good too.
    This is used coffie grounds and warm water.
    Hold a warm water cloth on her eys for about a minute, then put used coffie grounds in her eye and leave it there. ( not cold and not hot just normal room temp on the coffie grounds)

    you can did this about 2 times a day.

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