Chick with closed eye?

shadow rabbit10

7 Years
Mar 3, 2012
New Jersey
My first chicks arrived this morning and both her eyes were shut. An hour later, one eye opened, but one is still closed. Is it normal? Will it open? Is this something to be worried about?
Also, one of my chick's umbilical cord is wrapped around the base of it's leg, causing it to hobble around. Should I just wait until it falls off? Will it cause permanent leg damage?
Have you tried using warm water to try and get it to open? Try putting a little neosporin on it then just leave it alone. I am rather new to chickens, but I read a lot.
He hated the water. He actually tried to bite the towel. I'm going to try again later. I'm not worried about to as long as its not life threatening.

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