Chick with complications can't walk


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Apr 14, 2013
Loretto, TN
One of my bantam Orpingtons hatched and was doing fine until it tore the umbilical cord. It bled for several minutes until I was able to stop the bleeding with cornstarch. It is doing great except for walking. It doesn't have spraddle legs, but it just can't seem to move its weight forward to stand. It's legs are working great otherwise, it just can't stand fully. It doesn't seem weak, other than this issue. Any ideas?
The chick is doing very well and walking this morning:). The other chick that struggled (I had to assist in the hatch) is having trouble walking but after a little sugar water, it's walking for brief periods. I think both of them were just weak from their difficult start.
Good for you. My little assisted hatch chick is doing great. I can no longer tell the difference between her and all of her BSL sisters, so they'll all be named Phoenix this year. I find it impossible to help when a chick is in distress. I figure that if I am employing an un-natural method to hatch chicks (not using a broody) they deserve all the benefit I can give them. And, even if I was using a broody... I'd still help, if I thought the chick could be salvaged.
One of my eggs just hatched yesterday but it could not use the right leg. It's not like it's spraddled. It just tries to flip itself but couldn't get up. I used the vet wrap on its leg but it still couldn't stand. I also feed honey water to it but after drinking it seemed weaker, like its breathing is very shallow. Maybe it has insulin high? Later on I fed it with coconut water with some ensure. I don't know how to help the poor baby. Please help! Thanks.
It may just be exhausted, but you might also try feeding it grow gel or use save-a-chick solution. Can it move the leg fine, just can't stand up? Both of my chicks that had complications were unable to stand for a day, but their legs were working. They just couldn't manage to shift their weight forward until they had rested. Hatching is exhausting but when they also have complications, I guess it really wears them out.
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yes, it could move its right leg but its right is curled up. It is just lying there struggling to get up for 2 days now. Thanks for your reply!

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