Chick with crooked leg.

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    Hi. I found one of my chicks with one of its legs bent sideways the other morning. She had been fine up to this point at 4 weeks old. I did loose a turkey poult the other day when it jumped on top of my waterer and got his leg stuck in the handle (I found him still stuck there). I had been removing the handle but forgot to the other day so I'm guessing this chick has maybe done the same thing but got out. Is there anything I can do about this leg? It seems to be getting around just fine without pain but I don't know if it will cause problems down the track. I've included this photo, it's not great but I think it gives you an idea.
  2. It should be fine, that happens quite often. it might take a little while for your chick to get used to it though.
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    I can't see the picture all that well, but I wonder if your chick has a slipped tendon or achilles. Google poultry pedia podiatry and you will find a valuable site to help you fix it, if that is the problem.

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