Chick with Frank blood stool

Hi, one of my 2 week old chicks has frank blood in its stool. I didn’t notice this because the other 5 chicks are eating it immediately. I have separated the chick now and will post a photo as soon as it poos. All chicks are strong and vibrant. I am feeding medicated chick starter. 2 of the chicks have eaten meal worms and they spend a few hours in the sun on the grass daily. I have some coccivet ( amprolium 80g/L ethopabate 5.1g/L ) which is labelled for tx of coccidiosis in pigeons and ornamental birds but doesn’t say chickens which I got from vet, but I’m hesitant to use it in case the active is the wrong strength for chicks and also unsure if it’s coccidiosis. The rest of the chicks have normal stools. I am in Qld Australia and we don’t have Corid. Corid is amprolium but is 200g/kg I think. So how does that equate with 80g/ L ? Thanks in advance


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Edited for dosage mixing: Sorry, but many here on not online at night. The dosage should be the same. The Coccivet instructions say mix 15 ml with 10 liters of water, so that equals 1 ml per liter if you want to use a smaller waterer. Give it for 5-7 days. Amprollium dosage is pretty flexible. Make sure the chick is drinking well.
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