Chick with gunky eyes

Lach Cnoc Farm

10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Western Washington
I went out to check the babies this morning and found one of my little guys sitting away from the others and looking a little too sleepy. i picked him up and noticed there was gunk in his eyes. i cleaned him off with warm water & He's with me right now, separated from the others.

hes the only one like this

what could cause this?

how can i fix it?

i just changed the bedding yesterday and put some shredded paper in that i had laying around.


11 Years
Dec 9, 2008
In chicks (or any bird) with eyes swollen shut you have to consider MG--
mycoplasma gallesepticum. My vet gives septomycin in water for it, but I have read that some people inject tylan. It will kill a lot of chicks and even big birds if you don't treat it in time.

I would suggest you study the disease on the web to find out more about it, and see if the description and symptoms fit.
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