Chick with Impacted Crop?


Oct 25, 2018
I have a two week old tolbunt. This morning I noticed a bare spot in front of its right wing, but didn't think much of it. Tonight, the bare spot is noticeably bigger, so picked it up to inspect more. I can literally see what I think is in its crop through its skin! How do I know if they gorged too much or if it's really impacted? The other two have noticeable crops, but not to the point that the skin is stretched so thin that it's bald. This is my first time hatching chicks and never had a pullet or hen with an impacted crop, so not sure what is the best thing to do now. I tried massaging it, but uncertain if I'm doing it effectively or not. I don't want to hurt it...

I did have them on larger wood chips the first 4 days, but have been on straw since with plenty of chick grit and water. I have fed them some meal worms the last few days. Other than that, it's been just chick starter and whatever they've found digging in the dirt.

I've read about giving olive oil, but assume avocado oil would be acceptable too? It's all I have. I just wish I knew what direction to massage and try to move things.
Can you post a picture? A bare spot doesn't usually mean an impacted crop as far as I'm aware. Does the crop feel overly full?
It was getting a bit too dark to try getting a decent picture when I realized what might be going on. Yes, it was overly full to the point the skin between the breastbone and wing was bare from the distention. My adult birds sometimes have crazy full crops at the end of the day, so think I know what normal lopsidedness looks like in a well-fed bird. This looks and feels like it would be uncomfortable. I could physically see little chunks of "stuff" that actually looked like chunks of crumble or possibly wood chips through the skin. It looks like light tan colored pieces of "stuff" mashed into a balloon that has blood vessels. Its crop and everything else about the little thing has seemed normal up until today. It seems crazy that if it was due to wood chips, it would take nearly two weeks to affect it and then blow up in one day.

I did rip some grass out of the yard yesterday afternoon and throw in with them too, but I only saw the hen take any interest and eat it.

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