Chick with injured eye, or disease?


11 Years
Dec 3, 2008
As I was checking them this afternoon, this 5 day old chick has one eye watering and feathers around the eye are not as fluff and all stuck together. There is no blood around the eye, so I don't know if she was pecked on or is it a disease. It is hard to tell from the picture. Second eye is fine. Right now she is isolated. Any ideas what it could be?

have all the chicks been healthy?

if so then it is not the start of respiratory disease

I would if you have it put a drop of vetrx in the eye
and do that twice a day and it will help the eye secrete moisture

also if you don't have vetrx put some salve or eye drops in the eye

thus you can stop any disease it may have coming on

email me any questions

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