Chick with nasty sinus infection, mucus, discharge


8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
Southern California
In off the year and a half ive had chickens, ive never had one get a sinus infection, and i have no idea how to treat it. This little couple week old chicks eyes are swelled up to the point where the right one almost wont open, and the discharge from the poor thing is causing its food to get in there and make things worse; ive had to dab his eyes open twice now with a damp paper towel to get him to even see. This time when i opened the right one, a huge amount of white filmy nasty came out, but he can see.

Basically, what do i do to get this to go away? I dont have the money for antibiotics but if thats the only way, so be it.
Garlic is very good to give your chickens if you can handle the smell of it in your coop. I started giving it to my chicken along with a bunch if other things and slowly it seams her breathing is getting a little bit better. I crush a clove of garlic and share it between my coop and my sick one. I have her inside to keep warm and so that she doesn't pass it on to the flock. Garlic is used to help with fungus... I also use banana to help built up the lung tissue. I also heat her water regularly... Cold water causes the body to use energy to make it body temperature. It will also feel nice for her being sick and cold feeling. Every other day I put mint in her water. Then Orange to increase vitamin C. Hope this helps. At this point I'm trying everything. Please reply to tell me how your chickens are doing

The baby is only about two weeks old so its still in the brooder in my room, but i can add some garlic to it, i dont mind. Ive thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the whole place for the poor thing but recovering takes time. The rest of my chickens outside; all 30 something of em, are perfectly healthy, though adding garlic to out there couldnt hurt either.

Hope your hen gets well in good time, you sound like you love her very dearly. Thank you for the response!

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