Chick with Poop like an Earth worm

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  1. I have five four week olds and two seven week olds together (getting ready to put the older ones in their own home since they are all getting so big so fast!). I don't know which one did it but one has poop that resembles and earth worm. In fact I thought it was one for a minute! It is a jellaton pinkish (I am thinking possibly blood but only pink not alot of bright red) shiny nasty looking thing. That is why I say Earth worm because if you have seen the ones that are pink tinted that is what it resembles. I had posted about one being a bit on the unactive side but I had an experienced chicken person come and look and he said it is because it is her personality. He doubted they have coccidiosis. When I had gotten the two larger ones they had previously been in a very dirty area (lived in dirt) where they had dirt balls around their toe nails and smelled to high heaven. So... I am thinking that my experienced chicken person was wrong... I looked at the threads here and nothing is like it. I even looked at a link for different poops and I didn't see anything to compare.

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    Can you possibly post a picture of it?? I know that sounds gross but its necessary to see whether or not its intestinal linning or actual blood. we could get a better idea with a picture.
  3. I just now got on here again and it has been thrown into the pile of waste. :( I cleaned their brooder and put them in another that is larger so there is less over crowding. If I see another I will get a photo and send it so you all can see. They all act like they usually do so nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.
  4. Oh for petes sake. I had no idea that they shed the intestinal lining. I googled it and it brought up a few pics and the one that looked like it was indeed that. These animals need to come with a warning label! That really had me concerned! Thank you for mentioning that or I would have never known!

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