Chick with slipped tendon


Apr 14, 2022
Yorkshire uk
I have a Light Sussex chick who had a slipped tendon at or shortly after hatching . I was able to put it back in place and bandage the leg. After this she was able to move it and take some weight on it. Since then it has got harder to get the tendon back in place before reapplying the bandage. She has also developed a sore on her hock which I have been spraying with Vetericyn Plus and is healing well. today she is not using her leg at all and the hock is so swollen that I cant reposition the tendon at all. She is able to get around and is eating, drinking and pooping fine. I gave her some Nutri-Drench on day one and put it in the water for a few days as well (partly for another chick with wry neck) She is 7 days old now. Is there anything else I can for to help her recover?

first picture taken today. second picture on 19th June. third on 17th June


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Slipped tendon is a difficult problem to treat successfully. I would take off any splints or tape, and try to let her learn to get around by herself to get enough food and water. Splinting can cause swelling or more problems sometimes. I would offer chick vitamins with riboflavin, or crush 1/4 tablet of human vitamin B complex and give it in a spoonful of water or food daily.
The wound on her hock hasn't fully healed yet, I would be worried about it getting infected or pecked if left uncovered. she is getting around quite well and will push the others out of the way so she can get to the food. I'll get the b complex. Nutri-drench has b1 and 3 but not 2.
Thanks for your quick reply.

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