Chick With Splayed Toes and Bloody Navel

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    I hatched out four little chicks yesterday. The black ones and a gold one. If they are correctly sex-linked, the gold one and a black one are females. The little gold one hatched with a bloody navel. On her right foot, it curls under.
    I put a bandaid on her foot. She stumbles around, i hope I did this correctly :fl

    She also has a bloody navel
    What can I do for this? Can I put Neosporin on?

    She is a little weaker then the others, but she still gets around. Should I give electrolytes? I have ones from a year or two ago, or are those to old? I can just make my own if needed.

    *title is mistaken. I meant to say curled toes but wasn't thinking*
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