Chick with Spraddle leg and now he is not standing on his feet right.

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    I have a 6 day old chick. That when I received him from the local elevator he already had it and was less than 24 hours old. I put on the brace right away. I noticed today that his feet turn sideways his back toe is under his foot. I put a pad under to help. Am I doing the right thing? Please help don't want him in pain or to suffer. Also he is with the rest of the chicks, they leave him alone. He has always been able to walk. He eats and drinks fine. The only way I can tell he is different is that he has always been the smallest. He is a Black Australorp I think. His poop is fine that I have seen. He was on paper towels, tell they were 3 days old. Now on pine shavings, in a large tote with a wire top and red heat light. They eat medicated starter food. I have picture of chicken on my blog. Link below.
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    Very cute chickies! What I could see in the pic looks like you're doing great. As long as you are keeping his little toes in the right position with the pads, I would think he'll be ok. Have you tried taking off the brace yet? It still may be too soon, but my little barred rock started turning his feet out about the time he was ready for the brace to come off. You might consider picking out your chickie a buddy and separate them in a place with papertowels till he's healed up. It'll be easier for him to heal on the flat surface.


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