chick with strange eye (and respiratory) issue

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    Sep 6, 2010
    We have a 4+ week Cuckoo Maran. About 2 weeks ago she started sneezing and her eyes looked somewhat rheumy and distorted. We put her, and the two other chicks (which are healthy), on Terramycin in their water. They received the antibiotic for about 5 days, and then have been off for maybe a week. On Friday we took her back to the pet store where she was purchased to have the owner take a look at her and he said that he's had this problem with a number of chicks from a particular hatchery and he's never seen the condition before. (He's contacting the hatchery tomorrow.) He wanted us to give her up, but I frankly couldn't. For the past few days we've been putting VetRX around her teeny comb, atop her beak, and on her chest. The chicks continue to get medicated feed, and I'm intending to put them on another cycle of Terramycin. Other than the sneezing and the eyes, she is perfectly okay and indeed has survived with a fair amount of esprit 'lo these couple of weeks. Eats well. Poops normally. Does anyone have any thought about what is causing the swelling in her eyes and have a treatment suggestion? We've been repeatedly warned that she needs to be "culled," but that is not a palatable option, unless absolutely totally unequivocally necessary.

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