Chick with toe injury

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    Oct 25, 2015
    My four week old Speckled Sussex chick stepped in some poop which dried around her middle toe on one foot, and interrupted the blood supply. I didn't realise until it had been on there for a couple of days, and I picked her up and removed the poop as soon as I noticed yesterday. The end of the toe was quite swollen, dark red in colour, and there is a noticeable indentation in the skin on the toe where it was constricted. I was almost expecting the toe to fall off in my hand... It is still attached but she doesn't seem to have any sensation in the end of the toe. She is not limping and is getting about just fine. The colour is beginning to return to normal. Do you think she will make a full recovery, or is it likely that the end of the toe has suffered too much damage?

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    Ether way, if she looses a toe, it will not be such a big issue. Over the years some of my chickens would loose a toe or two or more. Had one bantam (serama/cochin mix) that lost all of her toes on both feet. I named her Cotton,( after Hanks dad, on King of the Hill Comedy cartoons) She got around well on her stumpy small pads. Lived to be about 8 years , and lost to predator. [​IMG]
    Your chicken may recover on her own. There is not much you can do about it now.

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