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    I noticed today that my two week old Blue Andalusian chick had a large deformity on her breast. It appears to be a fatty tumor of some sort. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? It is quite large, and I don't suppose there is anything I can do about it; but it is alarming. It seems healthy and active otherwise, eating and drinking well. [​IMG]
  2. Wow, I don't know about that . . . it was up on the breast though, not beneith the ribcage? I just started raising chicks about a month and a half ago, and I found a hard lump in the abdomen of our first chick. I was worried about it, but after we got several more chicks all of them had the same thing, and have been growing just fine for several weeks. It kind of seems like another crop or something just down in the abdomen, so I presume it's just something normal in the digestive system. Up on the breast though . . . I don't know. It doesn't sound too great, but hopefully somebody with more experience will be able to tell you. Good luck!!
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    Its probably her crop; she has probably had a nice big tasty meal and now she's full. When we stuff ourselves, we fill our stomachs; when they stuff themselves, they fill their crop.
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    Quote:Yep, I agree. Is it possible to post a picture for us to see just to be sure?
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    I had the same issue with one of my chicks that hatched last Monday. Here is the thread I posted, and it has a pic of her. Is this what yours looks like? Mine died yesterday. I have 2 others with constant diarrhea that are going to the vet in the morning. I have the one that died in the freezer so I can take her to the vet and see if they can tell me what happened. I want to know what I'm dealing with if I see it again.

    Good Luck!
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