Chick With Two Bad Legs

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    So I work at Tractor Supply and I have been taking home the chicks with bum legs. The first one I took home was a Cornish rock pullet that ended up passing away. The second one I took home is a Rhode Island Red pullet. Her hocks (or her elbows or knees which ever you call them) are calloused and swollen because she doesn't use her legs normally. I tried treating her for sprattle leg but it didn't seem to work. She is eating and drinking and seems to be on the right developement track for a chick I just don't know if she can walk properly or if the best this to do would be to put her down. I already spoke to a co worker who would cull her for me if it came to that because I've grown attached to this chick and I wouldn't be able to do it. Now enough of my ranting and more pictures.


    Like I said I don't know if I can work with her to strengthen her legs or if the best thing for her would to be to cull her. Please help me with this rough decision. Thank you.

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    Be sure and treat all of chicks with leg problems with poultry vitamins. SaveAChick, Rooster Booster Vitamins with Lactobacillus, Durvet poultry vitamins, and other brands can be added to the water daily. Chick chairs or slings can sometimes help. Some birth defects of leg bones are usually untreatable. Slipped tendons usually are not successfully treated, but some feel that if they are treated very early it may help. Here are some links about leg problems to read:

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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