chick with yucky eyes and dirty shoulders

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    Jan 12, 2008
    easley sc
    My house is becoming a chick infirmary! today I noticed a mom raised chicks' eyes looked "funny" I grabbed it to look closer- and yep- its got eye gunk and nasty stuff on its shoulders.I seem to recall somewhere that means a respiratory infection of some sort. I brought it in and started in on tetracyclene (only antibiotic I have) The rest of the babies out there seem fine and I want it to stay that way.I think it is one that got out of the pen and couldn't get back to mom so it probably got a little chilled. There are 2 broody moms and 13 chicks (12 now) in that pen. It misses its siblings and moms terribly- cheep cheep cheep CHEEP- but I hope it will get better and the rest will be ok. I seem to be having the most problems right now. [​IMG]
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    Well good luck! Perhaps a mirror or feather duster can help it's lonliness.

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