Chick won't eat

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  1. CocoPopz

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    Jul 10, 2013
    Sheffield UK
    My chick is 4 days old now, last few days I've managed to get water with vitamins in down her, I also managd to get the odd crumb down her. She was doing really well, pecking at the food but not actually picking any up. Since today's he's got weaker, I've again got some water down her, a tiny piece of boiler egg and some chick crumbs mixed with water, I haven't got a small enough syringe that will help me so I've had to use my fingers. Has anyone got any ideas?
  2. Granny Hatchet

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    Sep 26, 2013
    madison Indiana
    have you tried sugar in the water? gatoraid? have you ever tube fed one before ? it sounds like failure to thrive. theres not a lot you can do for them if it is.
  3. Soccerchicken

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    Apr 8, 2013
    For water I have found that some shiny stones in a shallow dish filled with a bit of water can help. She'll peck at the stones and may get a few drops down.

    As for food, if she's picking them up, they may be too big for her. Try buying fine crumbles, or crushing the feed with the back of a spoon before feeding.

    Of course, these aren't sure fixes, but I wish you the best of luck with her. :hugs:

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