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I have one chick from my MM order that has literally not grown AT ALL. She is now 19 days old and is the exact same size as the day old chicks I just got yesterday from my local feed store. I believe that she is my Golden Penciled Hamburg. She does NOT have any of the "mystery illness" symptoms (although I do have 10 chicks, out of 18, with the strange symptoms), but her small size concerns me. Any thoughts on this?

I am going to try and include a piture of her if I can figure it out. If it works, she is the one on the right. You can see that she has her wing feathers, but she is no bigger than the surrounding day old chicks.

I have some bar. Rocks that seem small compared to the other chicks, is it typical to have a certain breed mature at a slower rate? They dont look much different from the time they arrived 10 days ago!
Thanks for the input! It doesn't appear that MM sells Bantam GPH's, but I do know that they are small birds anyway. I will try re-posting this under "Golden Penciled Hamburg". Maybe someone out there has experience with them.
Hi JJ,

She eats and drinks and poops like the big boys (or girls), and she is pretty active. Although, during the first week or so I was very worried because she slept alot. Not only did she sleep alot, but she did it standing up with her beak resting on the ground! Now she will get in between all the other sleeping chicks and sleep standing up with the others holding her up. She is a strange one.
Awwwww - she sounds very endearing! It's great about the good appetite and that she's pretty active. I hope she's just naturally small and that she will thrive...
Hello everyone I am new to this site. I have a question about a barred rock that I purchased in March. She never got a comb and is still very tiny. She has been healthy until recently. She is having trouble eating and stands with her neck not extended. Any ideas? Thanks

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