Chick wont stand up


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
Okay not only is this my first time hatching eggs but it is also the first time I have had chickens, yes I know trial by fire. I have one chick that is about 14 hours old, it hasn't stood yet, I think it is splayed leg but is it possible to be born with splayed leg? I noticed he looked a little off when he was born and that his foot was out to a side oddly. It also curls its toes under on that side. It wasnt looking like it was going to make it this morning but I gave it water and it perked right up and has been fine all day. I am not sure what to do? If taping it will help? He scoots around the brooder quite well, constantly ending up far away from where I put him down last he just doesn't stand.

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