Chickabator Incubator a good incubator?

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  1. I wanted a small, cheap incubator and found this one. It seems pretty cheap so I wanted to ask some people if it's recommended or not. If not, any other small incubators recommended would be nice.

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    It's been my experience that you're better off biting the bullet and spending the money for a decent incubator. I like the genesis hovabator and the brinsea eco - neither are "cheap" but they do a good job.
  3. Oh wow i was about to get this just for a few trial runs with my new rooster but now having second thoughts.
  4. Thanks so much for the information. Do you know of any incubators around 40-60 dollars?
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    I would not recommend it.
    IMO go out and get the cheapest Hovabator model. They run about $50 or less. I would also not recommend the Little Giant which looks very similar to the Hovabator.

    That being said, I have owned, used and hatched in a chickbator. It was my introduction into hatching eggs. I saved and bought one from out of a comic book when I was about 10 years old. It came with 4 quail eggs one of which was broken when they arrived. I set the other 3 and 1 did hatch. So a 33% hatch rate from shipped eggs which is better then what you could sometimes get in any incubator.
    The chickbator is tiny, a lot smaller then I had imagined. It is beyond cheaply made from cheap material. It works with a simple small light bulb with an on and off switch. There is no temp control and humidity is done by filling up one to all three legs. So a little bit of adjustment with that. To be honest I never even checked the humidity level when I used it.
    I only used it one time and then went and bought a Hovabator.
    Looking back now I cant believe it ever work and goes to show you how little it really takes to hatch an egg. But IMO it would be a lot better to spend a little more and greatly improve your odds.
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