Chickadee (A poem I thought you all might like)

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    Here are some poems about chickens- and the impact they have on one's life (or at least my life)- that I thought you all might like:


    Eggs are in the incubator,
    Temperature 100 exact.
    I can't believe there's life in there
    When there is in fact.

    For three weeks straight it's crazy,
    Learning chicken facts.
    If they are really in there
    We sure cannot contact.

    Day 21, they've broken out,
    I can't believe they're well.
    'Cause if you hatch out chickadees,
    Only time will tell.

    Written by me
    March 2009

    "Chickadee- Five Years Later"

    Those precious eggs contained
    Not only chickadees, but a curse,
    Throwing my fragile mind into
    A different universe.

    Through the power of idea and pen,
    An obsession was born
    And what once made me a star
    Has earned me hate and scorn.

    What was chickadees became crime scenes,
    prophecies, bombs and hurricanes.
    but they all formed from fear and anger
    disappointment, grief and pain.

    Five years and fifty miles later
    Looking back to where it all began
    I found the chickadee girl inside.
    She may still have a chance.

    Written by me
    April 2014
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    wow, nice. u got talent for sure
    I like how u r able to write about something deeper just by starting with something more ordinary
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