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    I'm finally settling into a permanent chicken set up and wanted to crowd source how you keep all your chicken stuff. We had outside construction for a long time, so had temporary housing for the chickens, and literally had bags of feed in our dining room and on the kitchen counter, but things really need to change. I've looked for pictures online, but it seems everyone likes to talk about their birds, their coops, and their runs, not so much their chicken stuff.

    I'm curious to know how and where you keep all the stuff. If you have special locking bins that you prefer, if you keep it inside, outside, up high away from predators, etc. Bonus, if you have pictures.

    My list of stuff includes:

    pine shavings

    apple cider vinegar
    meal worms
    oyster shells

    dustpan on a stick thing

  2. RonP

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    This probably won't help, but many, including myself, have a large coop split for the birds and storage.

    My converted horse shed is 8x16.

    8x8 for the birds, 8x8 for storage, with separate people doors.

    All very secure, and dry.

    Food goes into metal trash cans with lids.
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    I started out with this little shelving unit. I made it just big enough to hold 3 totes with snap on lids. One for feed, scratch, and treats. The top shelf was for knick knacks like chick feeder/waterer, heat lamp, etc. We recently repurposed a 4x4x5 tall garbage can corral into a storage cabinet to hold extra bags of feed and the huge bag of oyster shell that I thought I needed. (No picture of it). On the back side of my coop I made a little "lean to" to keep hay out of the rain.
    My coop is 16x16 with a 16x32 run and I have over 40 chickens. You shouldn't need near this much storage.
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    Ohh Darn....I thought this was a Society of Chicken Enrichment Accouterment Aficionados (SCEAA)....I was all ready to join up !!!

    Just kidding and playing on the words.

    My coop is also large enough to have most supplies on the storage area of coop shed, it's not really well organized(at all) and there's feeders and waterers and meds, incubation and brooding, banding kit..... all kinds of stuff on shelves all over in the shed and the house.

    Feed is essential and needs to be stored so mice cannot indulge.

    I like to keep a bale of straw and bale of hay on hand,
    but it makes a mess in the shed once you cut the strings
    so I cobbled together these 'bale bags'.....
    ...made out of feed bag material on the sewing machine.

    Temporary shed organization for this years culling assessment process,
    grab 4 birds at a time off roosts at night to photograph, sell, or slaughter the next day,
    I had to rearrange alot of stuff to make this happen.
    Those crates all fold up and are stored in the shed when not in use.
    You can see the chaos of shelves stuffed with stuff....all coated with a heavy layer of 'dust'.
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    Oct 27, 2016
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