Chicken acting crazy!

J Hill

5 Years
Aug 21, 2017
Dallas, Ga
My Coop
My Coop
This past weekend one of my chickens (Ms. P) was acting different. She kept wanting to go into hubbys garage and jump on EVERYTHING Saturday. Then Sunday we were eating in the dining room and I heard something hit the storm door in my garage, that crazy girl was hitting the door then she would jump on a trunk we have in there. I got her down and checked on her, she seemed fine, then she started going behind boxes it almost looked like she was searching for something . They like to lay at my front door looking in lol, but today Ms. P was jumping and hitting the door. Is she just crazy or should I be worried?

And I have been seeing HUGE poop around, not sure if it is hers or not.
Sounds like she could be looking for a new nesting spot or even possibly a way inside.My hens jump on things and go bizark on cleaning day when I’m cleaning all the nest boxes out and if there is no more boxes open.
Looking for a place to nest or lay.
Broodies drop huge poops, but only after they've started setting for a few days.
How old is she?
She is almost a year old. She doesn't hang out in the nesting box she is a fast layer. The other 3 hens like to stay in the boxes for a long time lol

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