Chicken agility?


Luvin My Chickies
8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
an egg
OK heres where I got the craziest idea...

I was at a cat and dog festival and there was this dog agility going on. So I watched it, and thought to myself heck, if dogs can do it why not chickens? So I got my little bantam americana and my big EE and built a little course. it has the little teeter totter thing, different size hurtles, and I'm working on a tunnel and some poles. I started training them on the hurtles first, then moved on to the teeter totter thing. It was awesome!

Do you think it's awesome too?
Or do you think I'm crazy and have WAY to much time on my hands?
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Think that you have way too much time on your hands? Think again!

This video proves that it is indeed possible!
i do dog agility with my dog and the person that teaches me said that there is cat agility goat agility chicken agility and probably more
I like concept. I do something similar training chickens to fly to me or point to point. Flight distances range 15 to 250 feet. I think verbal commands could be used to get them to perform specific activities or go to specific destinatons for treats.

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