Chicken ate one lead airgun pellet

You should be fine. Unless you start noticing bad changes in one of your chickens, I wouldn't be worried. Mine have eaten multiple when my brothers shoot pellet guns, and than don't clean up :he They have been fine, and its been months. I just would make sure they don't eat any more.
Alright I will make sure they never eat one again and keep alert for something strange. Thanks!
Were your eggs alright?
You don't want to eat her eggs because they will contain led. Don't eat any of the chickens eggs in the coop, just to make sure you don't eat one of hers by mistake. @Friendly_Lurker, how long do you think until he can eat her eggs again?
I don't really want to throw out 20 eggs. Is there some way to test the eggs? This is the first time any of my chickens has eaten one.
There is no way to test them that I know of. You shoduln't eat the eggs unless you want to eat led. You can separate the hen who ate the pellet so you know which eggs are actually hers, but with the eggs that have been played since she ate it, you have to throw them out. I am sorry, that probably sucks.

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