Chicken attacked, can i still eat their eggs?

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  1. kingbeesters

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    Sep 26, 2015
    :( We lost 4 of our girls to what we believe was a raccoon, however this is just a guess, maybe a Lynx, or a fox. One of our surviving hens was bitten twice, I have treated her wounds and she seems to be doing ok. The others were pecking at one of the dead bodies when I discovered what had happened. Here is my question, can I continue to eat their eggs? It has only been two days, but I worry about feeding my family with eggs that may be contaminated by rabies? Or maybe some other disease?
    Thank you!
    - Long time chicken keeper, first time with a chicken attack!
    PS We majorly beefed up our coup and I do not see this happening again.
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    Only mammals can get rabies and transmit no worries there! Sorry about your 4 other chickens! [​IMG]
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