Chicken behaviors effect Human behaviors!

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    Nov 2, 2013
    I don't know about everyone else but I love to watch all my animals. From my goats, to my Horses, ducks and my newest barnyard members. My Chickens!
    I work as an officer at a county jail. It's not a fun job, it's not a job that people glorify, or respect. It's more of the opposit. The people you deal with every day blame you as the officer for their problems.
    Needless to say you must have some thick skin and big shoulders to endure your everyday job. I do, and can tolerate the worst of the worst society has to offer. No pun intented I let it roll off my back like water on one if my ducks.
    This is where my animals come into play. I can pull up a chair in my barn, sit and watch my chickens all day long. It's always relaxing and a place to wind down. I think my animals help me be able to stay calm and do my job professionally. Just knowing I have them (and my family) to come home to is what makes the day worth it.
    I know this is the (Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying) forum. And I'm just rambling on about me. But in a indirect way it's the Chickens behaviors that make me behave the way I do.
    I hope I'm not the only one on here that feels this way. If your Chickens effect you in anyway please share. And a huge thanks for BYC for this wonderful forum!
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    Thank you for your service! It is what keeps our society safe and *I* appreciate you and all those in enforcement. Same thing with our boys and girls in the armed forces. I am amazed at what you all go through in your daily jobs just to keep our country safe. I am just a homemaker but for me my chicken watching time is one of my joys during the day. If I am feeling bad all I have to do is look out the window at the roosters strutting around, or at my silkies wandering around their pen and it gives me so much joy. And then when my kids have to do their chicken chores, which they grumble about a bit, I think to myself, yes you are grumbling but it is good for you LOL. It will bless them as they grow into adulthood, caring for another life.

    Chickens are definitely a blessing and the time spent with them is uplifting!

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