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    So, are all Speckled Sussex really curious? Mine are VERY nosey and altho they are a bit anti-social they are ALWAYS at the front of the crowd to see whats going on.
    Are Black Aussies supposed to be really shy because ours are so shy we hardly know we have any!
    Are Welsummers SUPER friendly and unafraid? Ours really like to come up to us and talk.
    The GLW and RIR are just kind of there, they dont come see us but they dont run away either.
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    I don't know about speckled sussex, but I'm convinced that curiosity killed the chicken. (not cat)

    My welsummers are only a week old, but so far they are petrified of me.

    My light brahma, EE and RIR are my most friendly. (in that order)

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