Chicken Boarding-NorCal or SoCal

Enchanted Sunrise Farms

12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
My husband and i are moving from Southern California in the Los Angeles area, to Northern California in the Sacramento metro area (Fair Oaks to be exact). There is a period of about a week when our SoCal house has to be tented prior to close of escrow, and before our new home closes escrow up north, when all my critters need to be boarded or otherwise safe and secure somewhere.

i have two EE's and ten bantam silkie and silkie mixes (all ladies and very sweet). The time period is April 7th-April 15th (or thereabouts). i will supply all food and scratch and straw, and i am willing to pay a fair price for safe and clean boarding.

If anyone has a couple spare pens (EE's cannot be in same pen with silkies or serious head-pecking will occur), knows anyone who has some spare pens, or if you have any suggestions (such as vet clinics that will board chickens) please let me know.



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