"Chicken brained" for a reason


Mar 17, 2019
Southwest Virginia (mountains)
Anyone heard of the saying that someone or some animal is "chicken brained?" Its not a compliment I assure you. My birds have done some pretty dumb things before and today just adds to the list. We have gotten almost 5" of rain in the last 36hrs (at least that's what they were calling for). My juvenile chickens, about 4mos old, are in a run that is essentially a pond right now. There are drainage measures installed but that much water that quickly and there is little to be done. Rather than sitting out the day in their nice dry coops where both food and water are available, they were standing in the torrential downpour looking like drowned rats!
You can lead a horse to water......
Anyone have story of their chickens demonstrating their mental capacities?


Nov 12, 2018
I've had birds stand in the rain like idiots as well. The other day some were pecking the walls, when I looked closer they were pecking ice off. I pointed to the waterer and told them that the water was over there. She just kept pecking away!! :lau :lau

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