chicken breathing heavily through mouth Idk what to do for her

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    My Cochin hen is breathing heavily through her mouth, Idk for how long as they free range and I regretfully don't keep the best eye on them I just notice when things health wise aren't normal, but I can say it's been going on all day, she's now quarantined to a pen to see if she eats and drinks and has normal stool which I'll check in the morning. When she clucks she sounds horse and like she's not feeling good she is still active and alert but is breathing with her mouth open continuously, I haven't wormed them in quit awhile cause I can't seem to find a wormer safe for egg consumption I thought maybe they had mites as some of my chickens were losing feathers but I haven't seen mites on them and all feathers have grown back I would like to dust them anyways but they don't sell anything for that where I live. No discharge or anything coming from eyes mouth or nose checked mouth no blockage. DOES ANYONE ANY IDEA WHAT MIGHT BE GOING ON WITH HER?
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    Some chickens breath through their mouth when it's real hot outside. They also open their wings away from their body to try and keep cooler.
    However, I believe your hen might be eggbound. Try soaking her in a container of warm water up to her sides, gently massage her underside while she's soaking. Do this for about twenty minutes and see if she lays an egg for you.
    You can worm your birds with Rooster Booster wormer, no egg withdrawal...use Flubenvet if you live in the UK.

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