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The Norfolk Grey originated from Norfolk, England, around 1910. They are believed to have been developed from Silver Birchen Games and Duckwing Leghorns, by a breeder named Frederick W Myhill of Hethel, Wymondham under the name "Black Maria". The breed was first exhibited under the name Black Maria at the Dairy Show in 1920. But in 1925, Myhill applied to the Poultry Club of Great Britain, to have the name changed to "Norfolk Grey" as the breed did not gain popularity under the name Black Maria. The breed lost popularity and was thought be extinct, until in 1974 four Norfolk Greys were found in a privately owned flock and the breed was recovered, though is still very rare today.


Origin: England
Purpose: Dual
Egg Laying: 150-220 eggs per year
Egg colour: Tinted (Light brown)

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Do you own Norfolk Greys? Are you a Norfolk Grey breeder? If so, please reply to this thread with the your thoughts and experiences, including:

· What made you decide to get this breed?
· Do you own them for fun? Breeding? Some other purpose?
· What are your favorite characteristics about this breed?
· Post some pics of your birds; male/female, chicks, eggs, etc!


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I would like to raise/breed some of these, but I suppose it would be pretty expensive to get them started.

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