Chicken breeders in west Florida


8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
I am a 1st time chic buyer. Would like to buy from a breeder vs online. I am looking at a mixed flock of possible orpington, brahma, Plymouth rock or Maran's. I live in west florida (Tampabay). Any suggestions as to where I can begin my search?
You should go to the chickenstocks, shows and meet-ups part of the board at

for the swaps that are occurring in your part of the state. There are a couple coming up in the near future. There is where you'll find the folks you're looking for.

I may be a bit out of your range and I've only got White Leghorns and ISA Browns at the moment, but there are other breeders out there who have what you want.
My Aunt lives in Punta Gorda . She has several different kinds .I know that she has turkens ,pheasants, quail and several kinds of chickens. If you are would like more info just PM me =]
does your aunt have Rhode Island Red Roosters? I want to breed my 8-9 month old pullet who is laying and I'm looking for a stud. I honestly would like to breed using artificial insemination because I've seen some really violent matings, please let me know as soon as possible.
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