Chicken Breeders near or in Massachusetts?

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    Jan 24, 2014
    Although we are now rescuing and loving our orphan chickens whom we have rescue recently, we also would love to get chicks in the coming spring. We are open to many breeds, but can only take in 5 chicks due to lack of space. A breeder with lots of variety would be perfect, and one that has no minimum amount of chicks to bring home. Our australorps that the chicks would be with when they are grown are easygoing lovely birds and would easily accept new chickens with proper introduction,

    We need good recommendations for places in or near Eastern Massachusetts or a Southern Vermont. (Our two small locations)

    Any ideas?

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Which breeds are you interested in? The only issue with getting chicks from breeders is that the chicks will be straight run. If you want a rooster or have a plan to deal with the excess males then that's not a problem. If you want pullets only then you may want to stick to hatchery sexed chicks. Not that the occasional male doesn't show up in sexed birds but your chances of all pullets are higher.

    Dodge Grain in Salem NH has the biggest selection of hatchery chicks that I know of and there is no minimum. Littleton Agway is taking chick orders (not sure if there is a min), and probably the Chelmsford Agway too. Erikson Grain in Acton gets chicks in later in the spring. There are more but these are the ones that are closest to me.
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    Most feed and farm & garden stores sell chicks. Blue Seal and Agway's take orders and have good selections but you have to purchase a minimum of chicks, I think 6.
    I don't believe you have to have all the same breeds. Many of these stores have websites now
    and you can just purchase pullets.
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    Jun 17, 2010
    We are located in Newburyport MA. True Value has a new relationship with McMurrays Hatchery
    and we are having our first "CHICK DAYS" at our store, Kelly's True Value, starting April 1st.

    I ordered some Blue and Buff Silkies (SR), white and brown Frizzle Cochins (SR), Araucanas (easter eggers)(FEMALES), Buff Laced Polish(Females), Mottled Houdans (females), Patridge Rocks (females) and a mix of brown egg layers (Females). Should be a nice mix.

    I personally have raised chicks and chickens. I know everyone seems frustrated with going to TSC because the employees don't have the knowledge. The knowledge comes from raising them....not something you read in a book. McMurrays says they will be marking them so we can tell the difference between the different breeds...we shall see. [​IMG]

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