Chicken Breeds in Louisiana


8 Years
May 15, 2011
I'm new to owning chickens. I have my coop built and also have some land fenced off for them. I mainly want them for egg production and for the kids to play with. I plan on getting a half dozen to start off with.

What breeds do ya'll recommend for South Louisiana? I'm considering the Rhode Island Reds, but have had Leghorns and Plymouth Rocks recommended as well. Any input would be appreciated.

I live in South Louisiana and my top breeds are Rhode Island Reds, Black Australops, Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks.

What city do you live in? How big is your chicken coop?
Prairieville. I built a 8X3X2' hen house and I've got a 20X20' yard fenced for them. I have a pasture too that I will let them free range in when I'm home and outside.
I have tried a bunch of different types over the years. My 2 favorite breeds by far is the leghorn, followed by the Rhode Island.

Right now I have 3 Silver Leghorns, 2 brown, and 3 white leghorns. Also a buff Orpington and a barred rock. The buff insists on laying only medium size eggs, and the barred rock lays retardedly XXL eggs.

If I buy any chicks in the spring I would be looking for Rhode Island’s for a few more Brown eggs. For whatever reason anyone we give eggs to always want the brown ones.

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