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  1. I make my own Chicken Broth in the Instant Pot. The solids (veggies, spices, etc) that remain...are they OK to feed to the chicks? I have made them into squares to freeze and then planned to put them in the suet hanging piƱata. Thoughts? Brand new Chick Mom, please don't roast me. Thanks.
  2. Red-Stars-in-RI

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    I feed my hens the broth making scraps regularly. They're full grown or fairly grown chickens, though...probably wouldn't feed it to very young chicks.
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  3. BullChick

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    As long as they have chick grit, go ahead.
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  4. They're approximately 8 weeks...
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  5. Chickassan

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    8 weeks, feed those kids some broth! :)
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    Yep, kiddos get the scraps all the time. Good grit and no problems.
    But they're maybe a tiny bit spoiled? Or so the hubs says.
  7. ALL of my fur and feathered babies are spoiled! However, my human kids (25yo and 22yo) are also spoiled :)
  8. Terri O

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    My birds get everything left over from the kitchen! I would think babies would like this too...just not too much if they are still really little!

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