Chicken can't stand, eat or drink...paralyzed?

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    Nov 2, 2011
    It's been almost one daughter went out to the chicken coop and found one of our Americaunas laying on her side. We immediately brought her in. She couldn't stand, and her neck looked funny, like it was bent or cocked to one side. That day, she was still able to eat, but wouldn't drink. We gave her water with a dropper and she sucked it right down. She deteriorated daily, and she is still alive today! But now she can't eat...her head won't allow her to, it's like she can't control it. She won't even open her beak for water. She lays on one side and kicks her little feet around and acts like s he's trying to eat or something, but can't. Both of her feet wiggle though. If I lay her on her other side, her head totally flops and is pointed upward and she can't move her head. I know she's on the downhill side and I think I'll have my husband "take care" of her tonight because I hate to see her suffer. But does anyone know what in the world is going on with her? My instinct is that she fell out of the nesting boxes and possibly broke her neck or back. Any ideas?
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    I had a chicken like that. she was paralyzed. I thought she was going to die , It turned out the food was bad and and I had to throw it away !. I fed her canteloupe and droppers full of water. she came out of it few days later. She is back on her feet and doing well.

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